Pure Extract CBD – Oil 5% CBG/CBD 1:1 – 10 ml


Enjoy the benefits of CBG oil combined with CBD for even more powerful effects. These two cannabinoids found naturally in hemp combine wonderfully, providing you with absolute well-being and relieving all your pain.

  • 250mg CBG and 250mg CBD
  • Extraction C02 supercritical
  • Hemp Carrier Oil

  • Organic hemp from Colorado (USA)
  • 10ml per bottle
  • <0.2% THC

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The 1:1 CBD/CBG ratio means that the product contains equal amounts of CBD and CBG (250 mg).

Both have beneficial properties for health and well-being. Some people may feel more benefit from one or the other, while others feel that CBD and CBG balance each other out and have a better effect when taken together (environment effect).


The amount of CBD/CBG to take is different for each person, it is best to start with small doses and see the different effects that taking CBD/CBG brings to your body and well-being.

You have 3 consumption possibilities:

  • Dilute a few drops in a drink
  • Apply to skin and massage
  • For sublingual absorption, wait 30 seconds before swallowing.

There is 250mg of CBD and 250mg of CBG per 10ml of oil. One drop of oil is equivalent to approximately 2.5 mg of CBD/CBG.


CBD/CBG oil 5% contains:

  • 250mg of cannabidiol (CBD) per 10ml of oil
  • 250mg of cannabigerol (CBG)
  • Organic hemp oil
  • Other phytocannabinoids (CBN, CBC)
  • <0.2% THC
  • Natural terpenes
  • Flavonoids

Oils are not psychoactive.


Selection of high-quality extracts from an organic hemp farm grown without pesticides in the state of Colorado in the United States. Produced in Holland.


Pure Extract CBD

Located in Holland, Pure Extract CBD is a company specialized in the extraction and commercialization of products based on hemp. The genetics come from the United States (Colorado) and the extraction method is C02 for optimal purity and cleanliness.

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