Nature Cure – Patches with 15 mg CBD – 30 Units


CBD patches work transdermally. That is, it carries CBD through the skin into the bloodstream. Administering CBD in this way is the most effective way. Bioavailability is 6 to 10 times higher than with sublingual administration (drops under the tongue).

  • 15mg of CBD per patch
  • Cure for 30 days
  • Size, 80mm x 60mm

  • Broad Spectrum (THC Free)
  • slow release, 24 hours

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Very fine and elastic for optimal wearing comfort. It can be used in any circumstance, showering, swimming or exercising.


For external use only.

Recommended use is 1 patch per day.

Make sure the skin is clean, dry, and hair-free.

Change the patch every 24 hours.

Some residue may remain on the skin after removing the patch. This is easily removed with warm soapy water.



Produced in Holland.


Nature Cure

Nature Cure is a Dutch premium brand, and since 2017 has specialized in developing, producing and distributing high quality CBD, CBN and CBG products.
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