TealerLab – CBD Flower – Super Skunk – 2 grams


Without a doubt, the Super Skunk type is one of the best known flowers in the world. It will bring us an olfactory and gustatory pleasure that will make you have a good time.

  • CBD Potency: Very High
  • Flavor: Sugary and fruity
  • Benefits: Relaxation and pain relief

  • 2 grams per unit
  • Indoor cultivation
  • THC< 0.2%

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The Super Skunk CBD flower will surprise you by the great quantity of aromas at the time of tasting it, without psychotropic effects, highlighting all the benefits of the CBD, but preserving its unique taste.


Industrial hemp.

Complies with current European regulations,< 0.2% THC

Spain Royal Decree 1729/1999



Super SkunK CBD Flower

Subspecies: Indica

Varieties: Afghani and Skunk


Grown in Switzerland, French brand.



Tealer, the celebrated Parisian clothing brand, launches its own premium CBD brand TealerLab, a specialist in flowers and derivatives. Arguably one of the best brands in Europe - it has come to change the CBD scene.
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