Gorilla Grillz – CBD Flower | Orange Cookies – 3.5 gr


The CBD Orange Cookies flower exudes a strong and citrus aroma that will remind you of a freshly opened orange. You will notice some floral touches in the background, a sweet and citrus mix different from all the others. Perfect to relax in the afternoon, in a hot summer.

  • CBD potency: 10.3%
  • Taste: strong citrus and floral touches
  • Compact, dark greenish tone

  • 3.5 grams per unit
  • Outdoor cultivation
  • THC< 0.2%

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The CBD Orange Cookies flower is characterized by its dark green color, a very citrus flavor with background floral touches, of Swiss origin and with optimal conservation thanks to Boveda , a moisture bag, which prevents the flower from drying out and protects terpenes.


Industrial hemp.

Complies with current European regulations,< 0.2% THC

Spain Royal Decree 1729/1999



CBD flower: In the form of buds.

Vault: Terpene protector to maintain the optimal state of the flower.


Grown in Switzerland, Spanish brand.


Gorilla Grillz

The Spanish brand Gorilla Grillz, brings us the wildest flowers in an original format of 3.5 grams.
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