Vibes – Hemp Rolling Paper with Filters – Size 1/14


Vibes, hemp rolling paper, offers a classic way to smoke dry herb, offering an even and slow burn, while still being strong enough to hold its shape.

  • Hemp Paper
  • Size, 1/14 (short)
  • 50 Papers and 50 Filters

  • Very thin paper
  • Perforated filters
  • Up to half a gram of dry herb per paper

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You will enjoy an ultra-fine hemp paper, less ‘paper smoke’ will be mixed with the natural smoke of the dry herb, which will be noticeable in a cleaner taste.


100% hemp paper

No chemical additives, FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) approved and with natural glue, 100% gum arabic.


Hemp made in France, paper cut and packaged in Moldova.



Vibes™ created by rapper Berner, is the rolling papers brand for 'connoisseurs', grown and made in France, the American brand offers different blends and sizes of rolling papers, but also accessories.

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